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10 People I want to meet


Hi, I have decided to choose 10 people I would like to meet to share with you. It was very hard to choose just 10.You never know, we may have some people in common that we all want to meet.

1. A person I would like to meet is my grandma. I would ask her what it is like in up heaven? Can you see us from there?

2. A person I would like to meet is Taylor Swift. I would ask her how do you make such great songs and sing well?

3. My third person I would like to meet is Eve. I’d ask why she believed the snake and ate the apple?

4. I’d like to meet President Obama.I would ask what is it like to be president?

5. I’d like to meet Selena Gomez. I’d ask what inspired her to make music?

6. I’d like to meet Justin Bieber. I would ask what he did as a kid?

7. I would like to meet Moses. I’d ask if it was difficult being God’s servant?

8. I’d would like to meet Katy Perry. I would like to ask her how she was inspired to write music?

9. I would like to meet Carrie Underwood.I’d ask?

10. I would like to see my grandpa again. I’d ask how he died?

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